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Monday, Mar. 21st 2016

Finding The Right Commercial Real Estate Broker

In your searches of Finding the Right Commercial Real Estate Broker, there are three things to definitely take seriously.  

Experience in COMMERCIAL Real Estate

The first is experience in Commercial Real Estate.  Find a company that only works in Commercial Real Estate. Leave the Residential/Housing Industry to those who specialize in that sector.

Company that ONLY Represents Tenants and Buyers

 The second recommendation is to find a Commercial Real Estate Company that represents Tenants and Buyers only.  There are Commercial Real Estate companies who call themselves Full Service Brokerage companies which also represent Landlords and Sellers. They will be more interested in having you lease from one of their Landlords of whom they represent.  Of course they will say they can represent you but you will more than likely end up at one of the buildings their company represents. Find a company who will go over and beyond to look out for Your Best Interest and not have a Conflict of Interest.

Longevity and Geographically Desireable

The third important detail is to find a company that has been around and knows your geographical area.  You want someone who knows how the commercial real estate world works and knows the norm as well as not-norm within contracts.  

Hopefully this Blog was helpful in your Commercial Real Estate endeavors.

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One Comment on “Finding The Right Commercial Real Estate Broker”

  1. Xadrian Says:

    An inlegtilent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

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